5 comments on “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    • The Dark Brotherhood was intriguing! I tried to marry Cicero, lolz, and it didn’t give me the option even after I finally tracked down another Amulet of Mara. (That’s the necklace I was looking for when I was shopping in my post, “You’ve committed crimes against Skyrim and her People” when I had to kill like 20 guards just to shop after I’d gotten in trouble in Solitude.) I got in trouble in Solitude in the first place for killing the Emperor’s cousin for the Dark Brotherhood. Cicero bugs some people, but I’m like, “How could you not like him?! He’s so pleasantly creepy and talented…and crazy!” *cough* “Crazy? Cicero? That’s madness!”

      • Yeah! He’s definitely the most unique follower for sure, with all his dialogue and funny dances, and his journals were heartbreaking to read, really makes him such an interesting character. I did find a mod for marrying Cicero, if you play on the PC version. But yeah, normally on my other characters I tend to not travel with followers, but my Listener just has to stay with Cicero, he’s awesome. c:

      • A mod for the PC??? *pout* I’m playing on the PS3. I think about trying PC gaming from time to time, but I probably out to get a faster computer before I try it out. There are a lot of PC games that I think I’d enjoy…and Elder Scrolls Online is already out for PC but not out for the PS4 until June! I’m excited, though! Or, wait…maybe it’s out for PC sometime this week? Anyway…it’s out sooner for PC.

      • Oh, you’re missing out! So many amazing mods on the PC, from graphic enhancements to completely new questlines and factions, but yeah, they can be taxing on slower computers. I haven’t been following the ESO news much lately – like you mentioned in your post, I’ve never really been a fan of the monthly subscription MMORPGs. I’ll probably end up trying it out, but it’s quite an upkeep. 😛

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