starling family picture


Are you passionate about books? Obsessed with reading? Ermegerd! Then this is the place for you, berkwermz!
Starling is a writer and an artist with various interests including philosophy with a concentration on morality and ethics, religion, and mythology. She enjoys doodling comic strips in her spare time. She also lurvz reading, comic books, gaming, animals, crochet, and misspelling werdz whilst geeking out to emphasize passion. She is an advocate of self-reflection and believes in empowering humanity through education and encouraging the world to read and learn as much as possible. She loves pajamas a little too much and rarely changes into day-clothes if she doesn’t have to.

“It’s okay to be entertained by me entertaining myself.” ~Starling


You can follow Starling’s personal Facebook page here!



starling family picture with names

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